Managing Work and Study

Stephen Chew  tells us how to get the most out of studying by digging into the beliefs that can make or break your success.
Stressed by work or study? Let the WellCast team empathise and give you excellent tips and tricks for managing stress.

Ever wondered about how mindfulness can help us work and study? Join Dan Harris on his journey from mindfulness meditation skeptic to advocate.
Writing reports doesn't need to be hard. This video from UNSW Australia gives you clear advice on how to approach your next report or assignment.

Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal can help you to see stress as a positive, and even teach you how to make stress your friend!
Struggling to take useful notes in class? Let the WellCast team share with you through their strategies for taking great notes.

Neuroscientist Sara Lazar's amazing brain scans will show how meditation can actually change your brain, making you more resilient under stress.
Join mindfulness guru John Kabat-Zinn for a short and very simple guided mindfulness meditation experience.