Managing Well-Being

Got a full mind? Check out this quick and simple animation of how to take a step back from your thoughts and get some breathing space.
Being connected via social media and chat apps isn't always healthy. Feel better by disconnecting from your device and connecting with your friends.

Workouts benefit your brain. Check out this animation of how simple exercise can benefit the body and the mind.
Well-being looks different for everyone. In this video you will get ideas on 6 different ways to be well and happy in your life.

Positive psychology isn't 'thinking positive'. In this animation you'll find out all the different ways positive psychology can help you thrive.
If you've got unwanted, difficult thoughts rattling around in your head, this video will help you understand your thoughts and how to manage them.

Sometimes unwanted or unhelpful thoughts just won't go away. In this animation you'll learn a different, lighter approach to managing thoughts.
Let Andy Puddicombe (founder of the Headspace app) help you find some mental breathing room in just 10 minutes a day.