Managing Goals and Time

In this video you'll help identify your goals by thinking about what's really important to you, and what like of life you want to live. 
Time management is important but everyone has to find their style. Watch as students share the time management tips that work for them.

Learn how different the styles of motivation can change how we pursue our goals, and what kinds of rewards are helpful for achieving our goals.
In this video you will think about the bits of your work or study that you really value, and how you can do something each day to live these values.

A illustrated version of Dan Pink's talk about the hidden truths behind what really motivates us personally and professionally.
Struggling to keep up? You might need some time management tips. Fortunately, the WellCast team has plenty of ideas for mastering your schedule.

Google isn't just for finding memes. Learn how to tailor Google's cloud-based calendar to academic life.